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01 Декабрь, 2018

Новости науки и практики // Декабрь 2018

Новости науки и практики // Декабрь 2018 Hot temperatures can trigger an RNA response in plants
In a study on rice plants, the researchers found that a sudden increase in heat led to changes in the structure of the plant's RNA, which was linked to a loss in the number of its messenger RNAs -- or mRNAs.
Researchers discover novel 'to divide or to differentiate' switch in plants
Scientists uncovered a novel mechanism in plants that controls an important decision step in stomatal lineage to divide asymmetrically or to differentiate.
Lateral root initiation and formation in Cucurbita pepo: is auxin a key player?
Ilina et al. investigate the first cellular events leading to lateral root initiation in Cucurbita pepo roots and the participation of auxin in this process.
Researchers generate plants with enhanced drought resistance without penalizing growth
To this date, scientist had not been able to obtain a drought resistant plant without affecting its growth; now the researchers have overcome this issue by modifying steroid hormone signaling.
Plant root hairs form outward due to shank hardening
Work shows that plants can push their root hairs into the soil by using PI (3,5) P2 (product of phosphorylated kinase, FAB1) to strengthen its sides.  By artificially manipulating the amount of PI (3,5) P2 to create a plant with root hairs having enhanced lateral strength, it may be possible to develop plants that can efficiently absorb nutrients from soil with poor nutrients.
Молодые сосны гибнут в засуху из-за голодающих корней
В засушливое время углеводы из наземной части сосен перестают поступать в их корневую систему.
Scientists find a 'switch' to increase starch accumulation in algae
A brighter future for renewable energy and materials.
Effects of the interactions between nickel and other trace metals on their accumulation in the hyperaccumulator Noccaea caerulescens
This work used model hyperaccumulator species Noccaea caerulescens to comprehensively assess the interaction between Ni and other trace metals (Zn, Fe, Mn, Cu and Co) during the root uptake process.
Actin cytoskeleton, plant growth and development in Arabidopsis root hair mutant der1-3
The DER1 (deformed root hairs1) locus encodes a major vegetative actin (ACTIN2) in Arabidopsis thaliana. Mutations in DER1 lead to impaired root hair development. However, the role of this gene in overall plant development has not been defined.
WUSCHEL acts as a rheostat on the auxin pathway to maintain apical stem cells in Arabidopsis
Results show that WUS restricts auxin signaling in apical stem cells by pathway-wide transcriptional control, while at the same time allowing instructive low levels of signaling output.
Root hair abundance impacts cadmium accumulation in Arabidopsis thaliana shoots
Kohanová et al. assess the effects of root hairs on cadmium (Cd) uptake and translocation by comparing the Arabidopsis thaliana ecotype Columbia (Col-0) with mutants lacking root hairs (rhd6-1, cpc/try) and a mutant in which most rhizodermal cells develop into hairs (wer/myb23).
Methanol-induced cell signalling processes
Scientists show that cell wall-produced methanol is a signal in plant immunity and interplant communication.
SLAD: Subero-lignified apical deposit in the root tip
Morphological response of radish (Raphanus sativus, Brassicaceae) roots exposed to toxic concentration of copper (Cu) include many root growth changes. Kovač et al. find that such changes are coupled with the formation of subero-lignified apical deposit (SLAD) very close to the root tip.
Cell cycle duration in the root apical meristem (RAM) of angiosperms
The results show that in most of the 73 angiosperm species examined, the T values obtained by RCP (rate-of-cell-production) were nearly identical to those obtained by the much more laborious 3H-thymidine method. The ease of the approach promises its wide use.
ARP2/3 complex links cell wall assembly and auxin distribution
The protein complex ARP2/3 is responsible for nucleating actin, and its loss results in multiple defects in young seedlings of Arabidopsis thalianaSahi et al. show that plants lacking the ARP2/3 complex have defects associated with cell wall synthesis.
Секвенирование генома мака показало, как и когда в нем начал вырабатываться морфин
Ученые установили, что относительно недавно, 7,8 млн лет назад, геном предка мака подвергся полной дупликации. Эта дупликация, а также ряд последующих локальных дупликаций и одна делеция, приведшая к появлению нового химерного гена, не только повысили количество алкалоидов, вырабатываемых растением для защиты от травоядных животных, но и наделили его способностью синтезировать новый тип алкалоидов – опиаты.
The dawn of a new era for genebanks
Molecular characterization of an entire genebank collection
Scientists debunk potential link to crop cold tolerance
The study measured the volume of the Rubisco-holding chloroplasts that reside in the bundle sheaths of corn, sugarcane, as well as cold-tolerant Miscanthus. The team concluded that these C4 crops' chloroplast volumes are sufficient to hold more than enough Rubisco to conduct photosynthesis at low temperatures.
Exit route evolved into entry path in plants
Chloroplast organelles in plant cells are thought to have evolved from bacterial cells. It emerges that the protein-import system in chloroplasts arose from components that export proteins out of bacteria.



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