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01 Июнь, 2019

Новости науки и практики // Июнь 2019

Новости науки и практики // Июнь 2019

Location is everything for plant cell differentiation

Researchers from Osaka University find that the location of proteins within a cell as well as the position of the cell itself are important for determining cell type in model plant Arabidopsis thaliana.



Specialized plant cells regain stem-cell features to heal wounds

Already specified root cells are reprogrammed to correctly replace dead neighbor cells in newly discovered process of "restorative patterning".



Как растения едят скалы

Чтобы получить питательные вещества из камня, растения растворяют его смесью кислот.




Improving sugarcane’s resilience to salinity and drought

The authors examined plants overexpressing the Scdr2 sugarcane gene for their response to salinity and drought.



What is photoperiodically regulated in Arabidopsis lyrata?

Researchers studied the effect of photoperiod on flowering in four Arabidopsis lyrata populations originating from different latitudes, as well as expression levels of candidate genes for governing the between-population differences.



An explanatory model of temperature influence on flowering through whole-plant accumulation of FT

Tracking the production and accumulation of FLOWERING LOCUS (FT) improves prediction of flowering time.



Plant stem cells require low oxygen levels

New research reveals that low oxygen is required for proper development of plants.



Researchers unravel mechanisms that control cell size

Scientists has provided new insight into underlying mechanisms controlling the precise size of cells. The researchers found that 'the adder,' a function that guides cells to grow by a fixed size from birth to division, is controlled by specific proteins that accumulate to a threshold.



Как растения запоминают стрессы

Антистрессовые белки у растений помогают переупаковать ДНК так, чтобы при будущих неприятностях антистрессовые программы срабатывали эффективнее.



Biogenic regions of cyanobacterial thylakoids form contact sites with the plasma membrane

Researchers propose that the convergence membranes perform a specialized biogenic function, coupling the synthesis of thylakoid proteins with the integration of cofactors from the plasma membrane and the periplasmic space.



Plasma membrane associated Receptor Like Kinases relocalise to plasmodesmata in response to osmotic stress

Here it is shown that specific PM (plasma membrane )-located Leucine-Rich-Repeat Receptor-Like-Kinases (LRR-RLKs), KIN7 and IMK2, which under optimal growth conditions are absented from plasmodesmata, rapidly relocate and cluster to the pores in response to osmotic stress.



Breakthrough technique for studying gene expression takes root in plants

Scientists adapt open-source genetic analysis method for use in plant cells for the first time.



Turning off growth to make flowers grow

A new study shows that the transcription factor KNUCKLES is a key regulator of this stem cell arrest by initiating a serious of epigenetic events to repress the stem cell determinant WUSCHEL.



Leaf:wood allometry and functional traits explain variation in growth rate of rainforest trees

The authors demonstrate that substantial variation in growth rate of tropical trees results from differences in relative mass allocation to leaves versus wood, and in a small number of tissue-specific properties. Specifically, there was a convincing negative relationship between SLA (specific leaf area) and stem diameter growth rate, a result which is well explained by theory, despite being opposite to that generally observed in seedlings.



Аллахвердиев Сулейман Ифхан оглы избран членом-корреспондентом Российской академии наук

Трансляция LXXXIII чтений им. К.А. Тимирязева будет проходить на YouTube канале в режиме онлайн

3 июня в 13.00 в большом конференц-зале ИФР РАН (г. Москва) будут проходить LXXXIII чтения им. К.А. Тимирязева. ...

Итоги Конкурса научных публикаций молодых ученых 2020-2021

Уважаемые коллеги, как мы и обещали, к Международному дню растений -18 мая, мы подводим итоги Конкурса научных ...
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