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16 ноября, 2017

Новости науки и практики // Ноябрь 2017

Новости науки и практики // Ноябрь 2017

Auxin tells the stem cells to stop growing and the gynoecium to start forming in flowers

Role identified for plant hormone auxin in determining developmental switch from cell division to floral reproduction.


Discovered in plants a mechanism that corrects defects in protein folding

Defective protein folding causes nervous system diseases in humans and hinders the proper functioning of the chloroplasts in plants.


Sequencing of stevia plant genome revealed for first time by Purecircle Stevia Institute

This achievement provides a better understanding of key enzyme groups used by the stevia plant to produce the steviol glycosides giving stevia its characteristic sweet taste..



Tropical tree roots represent an underappreciated carbon pool

In a unique study of tropical tree roots at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute published in PLOS ONE, roots accounted for almost 30 percent of the total biomass of young trees. The authors hope that future estimates of carbon storage and water-use by tropical forests will include information on root biomass and architecture.




Breeding salt-tolerant plants

The new findings have been published in the Cell Reports journal. They are to be used in the long term for the breeding of salt-tolerant plants.


Some plants grow bigger - and meaner - when clipped, study finds

The study, reported in the journal Ecology, is the first to find this link and to trace it to three interconnected molecular pathways. The discovery could lead to the development of new methods for boosting plant growth while reducing the need for insecticides, the researchers said.


Research clarifies nuclear hormone receptor function in plants

A new study led by LI Chuanyou from the Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences has revealed that Mediator, an evolutionarily conserved multi-subunit coactivator complex whose activity is essential for Pol II-dependent gene transcription, directly links COI1 to Pol II and chromatin during jasmonate signaling.




Методом искусственной эволюции создан новый фермент для редактирования геномов

Теперь можно с высокой точностью и с минимумом побочных эффектов осуществлять в живых клетках все четыре транзиции, то есть нуклеотидные замены C→T, G→A, A→G и T→C.



Distant relatives: TOR protein regulates cell growth in plants and animals

In human and animal cells, TOR acts as a signal generator that controls both survival and cell growth. The Heidelberg researchers have now discovered how this protein also functions as a growth regulator in plants. 

Molecular mediation of photoperiodic control in activity-dormancy tree growth cycles

This review presents the latest findings to provide insight into the molecular mechanisms that underlie how photoperiodic and temperature signals regulate seasonal growth in trees. 

Plant cells survive but stop dividing upon DNA damage 
NAIST researchers show the molecular pathway through which plants cease cell division upon DNA damage.

Liverwort genes and land plant evolution
Genome analysis of early plant lineage sheds light on how plants learned to thrive on land

Combining chemical and genetic approaches to increase drought resistance in plants

Results demonstrate that the combining of potent chemicals with transgenic overexpression of an ABA receptor is very effective in helping plants combat drought stress. 

This plant sucks! (But how?)

The bladderwort has a trap faster than the blink of an eye. It uses powerful suction to snatch its prey but how can a plant can suck so much?

Saguaro and other towering cacti have a scrambled history 

Long lives of columnar cacti muddle scientists' efforts to understand group's evolutionary history 

Physiological and transcriptome response to cadmium in cosmos (Cosmos bipinnatus Cav.) seedlings

To date, several species of Asteraceae have been considered as Cd-accumulators. However, little information on the Cd tolerance and associated mechanisms of Asteraceae species Cosmos bipinnatus, is known.


Новости науки и практики // Апрель 2024

Обзор научных новостей, опубликованных во всемирной паутине за последний месяц

Фосфорилирование плазматической мембраны H+-АТФазы Thr881 (треонин) участвует в светоиндуцированном открывании устьиц

Ученые из Университета Нагои (Nagoya University) и Института трансформирующих биомолекул (WPI-ITbM) обнаружили новый ...

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