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10 апреля, 2023

Новости науки и практики // Апрель 2023

Новости науки и практики // Апрель 2023

Gibberellins promote polar auxin transport to regulate stem cell fate decisions in cambium
Vascular cambium contains bifacial stem cells, which produce secondary xylem to one side and secondary phloem to the other. However, how these fate decisions are regulated is unknown. Mäkilä et al. show that the positioning of an auxin signalling maximum within the cambium determines the fate of stem cell daughters.



Interspecific plant interaction via root exudates structures the disease suppressiveness of rhizosphere microbiome
Zhou et al. studied the mechanism by which plant root exudates affect the recruitment of the rhizosphere microbiome in adjacent plants – with implications for plant protection – using a tomato (Solanum lycopersicum)-potatoonion (Allium cepa var. agrogatum Don.) intercropping system.



In situ structure of the red algal phycobilisome–PSII–PSI–LHC megacomplex
You et al. present in situ structures of PBS–PSII–PSI–LHC megacomplexes from the red alga Porphyridium purpureum at near-atomic resolution using cryogenic electron tomography and in situ single-particle analysis, providing interaction details between PBS, PSII and PSI.



Безлиственные орхидеи живут с помощью бактерий

Проживая высоко на деревьях, безлиственные орхидеи держат обширный «парк» бактериальных симбионтов, снабжающих их необходимыми питательными веществами.



Long- and short-term acclimation of the photosynthetic apparatus to salinity in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii. The role of Stt7 protein kinase

Here,  study mainly focuses on the organization of the photosynthetic apparatus to the long-term responses of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii to elevated NaCl concentrations.



How plants cope with the cold light of day -- and why it matters for future crops

New research has discovered a cold 'coping' mechanism that is under the control of the plant biological clock and could offer solutions to breeding more resilience into crops less suited to cold climates.



A role for heritable transcriptomic variation in maize adaptation to temperate environments
Transcription bridges genetic information and phenotypes. Sun et al. evaluated how changes in transcriptional regulation enable maize (Zea mays), a crop originally domesticated in the tropics, to adapt to temperate environments.



Protein S-acylation controls the subcellular localization and biological activity of PHYTOCHROME KINASE SUBSTRATE
Lopez Vazquez et al. show that PKS sequences are restricted to seed plants and that these proteins share six motifs (A to F from the N to the C terminus). Motifs A and D are also present in BIG GRAIN, while the remaining four are specific to PKSs. We provide evidence that motif C is S-acylated on highly conserved cysteines, which mediates the association of PKS proteins with the plasma membrane. Motif C is also required for PKS4-mediated phototropism and light-regulated hypocotyl gravitropism.



Sounds emitted by plants under stress are airborne and informative
Stressed plants show altered phenotypes, including changes in color, smell, and shape. Yet, airborne sounds emitted by stressed plants have not been investigated before. Khait et al. show that stressed plants emit airborne sounds that can be recorded from a distance and classified.



Говорящие растения

От плохой жизни растения щёлкают ультразвуком.



Competence for transcellular infection in the root cortex involves a post-replicative, cell-cycle exit decision in Medicago truncatula
Batzenschlager et al. show that a dual-colour Medicago histone reporter robustly identifies cells with different mitotic or endoreduplication activities in the root cortex. By imaging deep root tissues, they found that a confined trajectory of cortical cells that are transcellularly passed by infection threads are in a stage of the cell-cycle that is distinct from directly adjacent cells.



Химики научились определять облучённый картофель с помощью смартфона

Свечение карбоциановых красителей позволяет определить уровень облучения картофеля и других растительных продуктов.



Earth's first plants likely to have been branched

A new discovery by scientists at the University of Bristol changes ideas about the origin of branching in plants.



Photosynthesis re-wired on the pico-second timescale

Scientists demonstrate, using in vivo ultrafast transient absorption (TA) spectroscopy, extraction of electrons directly from photoexcited PSI and PSII at early points (several picoseconds post-photo-excitation) with live cyanobacterial cells or isolated photosystems, and exogenous electron mediators such as 2,6-dichloro-1,4-benzoquinone (DCBQ) and methyl viologen. It was postulate that these mediators oxidize peripheral chlorophyll pigments participating in highly delocalized charge-transfer states after initial photo-excitation.




Новости науки и практики // Май 2024

Обзор научных новостей, опубликованных во всемирной паутине за последний месяц

Приглашение: Геномика и современные биотехнологии в размножении, селекции и сохранении растений (GenBio2024)

Москва, с 7 по 11 октября 2024 года

Новости науки и практики // Апрель 2024

Обзор научных новостей, опубликованных во всемирной паутине за последний месяц
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